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Area: 3,000 SF
Location: Jersey City, NJ, USA
Project Completion: 2008

The original townhouse, built in 1880, consisted of a 4-story brick building. Our mission was to create 2 two-bedroom duplex apartments, adapting the space to the needs of modern life while keeping the charm of the original style in the facade.

The house is situated in a row of similar townhouses from the same period, which is the primary reason why the front elevation was only restored and is further kept unmodified.

To provide views, the walls of the east (rear) facade on the first 3 levels were opened and replaced by sliding window partitions. In the lower apartment, the living area, kitchen and living room were placed in the parlor-level, with bedrooms on the ground floor, in order to give the best views to the living area. The main living spaces on the parlor level were opened up, integrating the interior and exterior, and providing unrestricted views from the front to the back of the house.

We were also concerned about environmental issues. All the materials are environmentally friendly, such as the bamboo floors, high efficiency appliances, and double pane windows.