Jorge to Speak at KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show).

KBIS-Kitchen-Bath-Industry-Show-Renovation-Remodel-Architecture-Las-Vegas-Nevada-Architect-New York

Jorge will join other industry experts as a panelist to discuss “Living Well.”

As designers, we create spaces where clients experience the beauty of form with desired function. With the demand for healthy built-environments on the rise, how does an emphasis on “living well” impact the future of interior design? And how will enterprises like the WELL Building Standard®, change the way we do business?

Join industry experts who are shaping the future of design by empowering practitioners to make smarter design decisions that promote good health and well-being. During this discussion, panelists will explore how the theory and practice of design has evolved from creating beautiful and functional spaces, to include a focus on how the design impacts those living within it.

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